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Plenary 1 – How smart will injury prevention get

Plenary 1 - Presentations

Plenary 2 – Influencing risk-coping behaviour

Plenary 2 - Presentations

Plenary 3 – Risk perceptions and communication

Plenary 3 - Presentations

O1 Child Safety – Growing up Safely

O1 Presentations

O2 Injury Surveillance – Data Systems

O2 Presentations

O3 Road Safety – Smart Solutions

O3 Presentations

O4 Home Safety – Covid-19 impact

O4 Presentations

O5 Sports and Recreational Safety – Exposure and Risk

O5 Presentations

O6 Technology Solutions for Safety – Reality checks

O6 Presentations

O7 Road safety – Vulnerable road users

O7 Presentations

O8 Severe threats – Drowning and Burns

O8 Presentations

O9 Safety Promption – The european view

O9 Presentations

O10 Injury Surveillance – Epidemiology

O10 Presentations

EP1 Child Safety – Everyday Risks

EP1 Presentations

EP2 Injury Surveillance – Data Collection

EP2 Presentations

EP3 Digital Solutions – Home and Leisure Safety

EP3 Presentations

EP4 Child Safety – Injury patterns

EP4 Presentations

EP5 Home Safety – Behaviours and Circumstances

EP5 Presentations

EP6 Safety Promotion and Communication

EP6 Presentations

EP7 Road Safety – Active Mobility

EP7 Presentations

EP8 Injury Surveillance – Injury epidemiology

EP8 Presentations

EP9 Technology – Learning from Workplace safety

EP9 - Presentations